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Re: Face header and Thunderbird

On 15/09/17 20:23, Markus Schönhaber wrote:
> Richard Hector, Fr 15 Sep 2017 04:44:41 CEST:
>> When I read email from Brad Rogers and a few others, they contain a
>> 'face' header (different from X-Face, which is also there).
>> For whatever reason, Thunderbird always displays this header in the
>> 'Normal' view - and it's huge, taking up about 17 lines. But in Normal
>> view, no scrollbar is provided for the header section, so it expands to
>> leave about 3 lines for reading the email.
>> Oddly, I can work around this by switching to "All Headers" view, which
>> gives me a scrollbar, lets me reduce the header section, and allows me
>> to read the mail.
>> Do other Thunderbird users see the same thing?
> I don't.
> Did you check that your Thunderbird isn't explicitly configured to show
> this header? mailnews.headers.extraExpandedHeaders, for example, may
> contain a list of header fields which should be displayed, and taking a
> look at other mailnews.header.* options in TB's config editor might be a
> good idea too.

That was exactly it, thanks - I have no idea how
mailnews.headers.extraExpandedHeaders got set to 'face'. Maybe it was a
plugin I installed once ...

Thanks a lot :-)

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