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Re: BOINC Screensaver

On 9/19/17, Ionel Mugurel Ciobîcă <I.M.Ciobica@gmail.com> wrote:
> On  7-09-2017, at 10h 24'04", Mike Stroud wrote about "BOINC Screensaver"
>> I've just installed the BOINC screensaver as well as the BOINC Manager
>> using
>> Synaptec, and I've upgraded them from the stretch-backports repo. I've
>> got
>> the BOINC Manager running SETI@home. I installed xscreensaver, and edited
>> the .xscreensaver file in my home directory to include: - GL: boincscr
>> -root
>> - \n\. However, all I get when I run the screensaver is a black screen
>> with
>> the message "screensaver loading".
>> Can anyone help, please?
> Yes, for starting boinc is not a screensaver.
> 1. Can you manually start and stop boinc client?
> 2. Can the boinc client be started by the boinc manager?
> 3. Why you want to start/stop the boinc by the xscreensaver? Do you
> know that with proper config boinc client will stop/resume when you
> use/don't use your CPU/keyboard/mouse?
> Finally, is your command: "boincscr -root - \n\." what you need to add
> to .xscreensaver? Is boincscr on the $PATH?

*Ahoy, Mateys!*

For screensavers alone, meaning with boinc set to the side for just a
second, one thing I learned on the fly was that Internet connection
can affect some screensavers. Some at some point, if not now, were
actively fed via websites, i.e. are not 100% stored on our own

Beyond that they just plum didn't work, I can't remember how I was
able to tell immediately. Seems logical to think that maybe their
link/URL can be seen via their options/settings, e.g. the Advanced tab
for Xscreensaver. Taking a peek at their settings would have been a
logical step in my diagnosis when they didn't work..

Cindy :)
Cindy-Sue Causey
Talking Rock, Pickens County, Georgia, USA

* ARR, now to feed the fishes! No, seriously... the... goldfishes :) *

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