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Re: in /etc/network/interfaces: "auto" vs "allow-hotplug"

On Tue, Sep 26, 2017 at 02:38:37AM -0700, Rick Thomas wrote:
> # The primary network interface
> auto enP1p3s15f0
> iface enP1p3s15f0 net dhcp

As Pascal noted, the word before "dhcp" should be "inet".

> I had to change “allow-hotplug” to “auto” to get it to come up on reboot:
> root@macpro:~# diff /etc/network/interfaces.ORIG /etc/network/interfaces
> 11c11
> < allow-hotplug enP1p3s15f0
> ---
> > auto enP1p3s15f0

Looks good.

> If there’s some place that’s mistakenly expecting a name like “eth0”, where might it be located?

A locally created script (especially one that does firewall stuff),
or a third party package.

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