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Re: Can't find the DNS Servers

Le 26/09/2017 à 15:09, Greg Wooledge a écrit :

lucky, I'll focus on that page rather than dhcp-options(5) which is
very confusing, and seems to be talking in abstractions.  It sure as
hell doesn't clearly define what options go in what files, nor even
which options are for the client and which are for the server.

dhcp-options(5) describes options of the DHCP protocol itself, so they apply to both clients and servers.

only mentions of resolv.conf are in a DHCPV6 section.  What the hell
is DHCPV6?  Does it have something to do with IPv6?

Yes, DHCPv6 is the IPv6 version of DHCP.

How would I know whether I'm using DHCPV6 or not?

Tough question. It depends on how you configure your network interfaces, with /etc/network/interfaces, NetworkManager or whatever...

I do not use it because I am satisfied with the simpler IPv6 stateless auto-configuration (SLAAC) protocol on the client stations, and static IPv6 configuration on the servers.

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