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¡ Participe en nuestros Diplomados Virtuales 2011 ! The "CD signing key" (6294BE9B) "Modes" versus "Virtual" in xorg.conf "nameserver" for Vodafone? "Standard" installation - problem with definition and/or interpretation. 2 sample questions 3g Modem + usb-modeswitch kernel error unsubscribe Alternativa a la Factura Electrónica 建议中文字体包去掉prefer的设置 Re: 建议中文字体包去掉prefer的设置 Créez un site professionnel, offre tout inclus Kop sprzedażowy Maîtrisez WORD pour gagner du temps ! Meghívó üzleti képzésre HOW to set “security.OCSP.require” in Google Chrome/Chromium? what is the “Online Certificate Status Protocol” "Пробоины" стapых cхeм Oптимизaция налoгообложения и aнтиоптимизация Итaлия на майскиe 14th Middle East Corrosion Conference & Exhibition - Call for Papers Re: [help-a-newb] adduser okay? (problem with authenticating with gui users-groups manager) [help-a-newb] problem with authenticating with gui users-groups manager [help-a-newb] setting grub Fwd: [help-a-newb] Why nano (or was it pico) instead of vi for visudo? (was question about adduser) [OT] compiled kernels do not boot [OT] errors with g++-4.5 not with g++-4.4 [OT] How to unlock internet key? [OT] Japanese Members of Debian User List [OT] Re: "nameserver" for Vodafone? [OT] Re: Exploit-db like websites, where people can search for security bugs [OT] Stupid Test... [OT] US tax forms with acroread from debian-multimedia [OT] You want embarrassing? (was "[SOLVED] Cannot use USB floppy drive in Squeeze") Re: [Pkg-octave-devel] Octave crashed [Posted to Debian-OT] A Little Cacophony of Sounds [Long-ish] [Semi-OT] Advice on whether a C++ book is still adequate [SOLVED] events/0 and events/1 maxing CPU to 100%, related to wireless or eth0 on a T61 Thinkpad [SOLVED] mpd blocks all other sound output EBUSY [SOLVED] Re: Application shortcuts don't work in KDE4? [SOLVED] Re: How to change the style and background of the Squeeze login screen? [SOLVED] Re: Where is the disk label stored? [SOLVED] Re: Why do I get "Requested download is not authorized for use with this tracker"? about auctex in Debian 6 , I can not preview math formula About About to order motherboard Asus M4A78LT-M - any known issues? Adding a bootloader to a Windows partition image adzapper help needed Re: adzapper help needed [SOLVED] After upgrade to squeeze system doesn't boot, because of not finding one disk using dmraid Amarok crashing on launch Android Debian - Lets start Debian for Android hw phones Another mouse issue+Xorg after upgrade Anybody else having delay issues with updating testing/ wheezy? Re: Anybody else having delay issues with updating testing/ wheezy? [solved] Re: Anybody else having delay issues with updating testing/ wheezy? [solved] Anyone ever tried a downgrade? Application shortcuts don't work in KDE4? Re: Apt Crippled APT gone nuts apt pinning question apt-cache regex question apt-get trying to remove manually installed packages Apt-get, Exclude aptitude over-zealous on removals? Aptitude safe-upgrade.......... aptitude stuck "resolving dependencies..." aptitude upgrade Assistance for Visually Impaired Student ata disk error Re: ata2: STST failed (error -5) ATI/AMD graphics cards Autodetect proxy not working in Iceweasel Autofs not respecting uid in auto.removable Automagical Dependency Resolutions? automatic login at console with pam_usb - no X !! Automatically restart OpenVPN session AW: Virus Re: Backup/Restore (WAS:Help needed) Bad gateway error from nginx Re: Best and most popular distros for the enterprise desktop Best network filesystem for a bleeding edge, pure linux environment? bind log Re: Bitcoin Re: Bitcoin [WAS: SPAM SPAM SPAM !!! Re: Sip?] blockhosts equivalent debian packaged software ? bluetooh usb boot loader Bootloader Bridge mode vs. router mode in DSL modems broken shell script with dash Bug in grub-pc results in unbootable system after installation (was: What happened to debian - does "stable" keep having any meaning?) Bug#619177: Please mention that as of squeeze/6.0.1 XF86Config is not used anymore Call for Participation: DiversiWeb2011 -- First International Workshop on Knowledge Diversity on the Web Re: Can't boot live DVD Debian 6, KDE, 1GB Can't locate in @INC ... Can't mount pendrive on testing Re: cannot play video/audio after/when streaming flash video on web browser Cannot update wheezy Canonical source for the new CD signing key's fingerprint? Capital letters replaced with indian rupee font in in squeeze. checkrestart + out-of-date kernel Cinelerra - not seeing video output Re: Cinelerra - not seeing video output [Solved] Re: ClamAV update to 0.97 Clarkdale VGA (HDMI) support under Lenny? Cmake on Knoppix Command line: How do you keep the output from scrolling out of sight? Command: groupadd k8055, makes system crash Compiling Firefox The last update was on 07:43 GMT Sun Jun 23. There are 2296 messages. Page 1 of 5.

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