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Re: Best and most popular distros for the enterprise desktop

In <1826992189-1298976361-cardhu_decombobulator_blackberry.rim.net-511436955-
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>The problem with Ubuntu is [...]

<snip: big ol' rant>

You clearly have issues with Ubuntu and are willing to abuse facts to make 
them look bad.  LTS releases are every 18 months, which is faster than the 
majority of Debian releases.  They are also supported longer after release (at 
least on the sever) than Debian stable.  Ubuntu releases are derived from 
unstable, not testing.  Their release are stable in the sense of "unchanging"; 
they don't wait for the RC bug count to get to 0, so on release day things can 
be quite... "half-baked"... yes, but they usually address issues quickly using 
the -updates mechanism which is like a "rolling" point release.

I prefer Debian over Ubuntu, but I think that Ubuntu does good things for Free 
Software in general.  I've not tried Mint, but I'm not interested in using 
anything that is less free than Debian main, and many "desktop-oriented" and 
"multimedia-centric" distributions in the past (including Ubuntu) have not 
paid quite as much attention to DFSG-freeness as I would like.
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