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Re: Android Debian - Lets start Debian for Android hw phones

On 22/03/11 08:16, giovanni_re wrote:
> Let's start the "Debian distro for Android capable hardware phones".

Please excuse my ignorance but, doesn't Debian already install to mobile

> What are the first steps we can easily take, to get started on this?

1. Read the documentation for the existing distro?
2. Send me a phone? (please)
3. Identify the areas you want improvements on and make useful
contributions (money, hardware, documentation, testing, coding etc.)

> 1) Talk about how to do it on this email list.
> 2) Put something on www.debian.org web page about beginning to work on
> this project.
> 3) Create a mailing list for "Debian for Android Hw".

Small semantic point - Android is Google's OS. Android != hardware.

> 4) Send some thoughts in reply to this email, & to the new mailing list.
> 5) Make a wiki page for "Debian distro for Android capable hardware
> phones".
>     - http://wiki.debian.org/DebianOnHandhelds
> =
> My motivation:  
> I'd just like to have a KUbuntu version. 

Then perhaps you should post to *Ubuntu* instead of cross-posting to
various Debian lists, and forums, for the last 4 months.

> =
> Ok, well, there you are, folks.  I've done my initial part for the
> project - suggest it get started.  So, can some interested Debian
> individuals please now step it another step forward?
> Thanks for all the great Debian stuff!  :)


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