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adzapper help needed

I've used adzapper long ago, but stopped using it long ago,
and forgotten why I stopped. Now I want to use it again
on a computer running Wheezy, but I can't find information
on how to configure my browser. The Debian documentation
seems to have been simplified with some info left out. But
maybe my memory fails me ...

My recollection is that in addition to configuring adzapper,
one must also configure ones browser to use it. I think I
need to know the IP address and port number that is providing
the adzapper service. Of course I know the IP address. But
what is the default port number used by adzapper. Googling
gives the answer 8080 but that doesn't work, and I recall
that the old instructions had some information on how to
change from the default to this value. But I can't find any
information about port number, neither what is the default,
nor how to change it. Where is this now? -- in either
Wheezy or Squeeze?


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