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Re: adzapper help needed [SOLVED]

On 20110328_122249, Paul E Condon wrote:
> On 20110328_111305, Clive Standbridge wrote:
> > > My recollection is that in addition to configuring adzapper,
> > > one must also configure ones browser to use it. 
> > 
> > You don't configure your browser to use adzapper. adzapper is a filter
> > for squid (or other proxy). You configure squid to use adzapper, and
> > your browser to use the proxy.
> > 
> > In squid.conf you need 
> > url_rewrite_program /usr/bin/adzapper.wrapper
> Yes, I have done that, per instructions in both the old and new README
> > 
> > See also /usr/share/doc/adzapper/README.Debian
> I have already. It does not, any longer, give the information that
> I need. I am hoping that the information is meerly moved to a 
> different place, and that someone will point me to where it is.
> > 
> > I've used adzapper happily for several years and find it very
> > convenient for several different machines and browsers. One very
> > useful config line in adzapper.conf is 
> > otherwise some pages get splattered with surprisingly large numbers of
> > "ad zapped" strings.
> I think that one must do something to redirect the browser unless one
> configures the proxy to be a 'transparent' proxy, that is configue it
> to listen on port 80. But ... the adzapper docs make no mention of how
> to do this either. The docs did, in the past, give a default port
> number and advice on how to set up transparency. Adzapper, as packaged
> for Squeeze, does not make squid listen on port 80.

The port number that I needed to know is 3128. I discovered this by
doing a port scan on the host on which I had installed adzapper. I
entered that number into the port field in iceweasel advanced
preferences and adzapping started working. Who said Debian isn't user
friendly? ;-)

3128 is a fine, well formed, number. I have no need to change it so the
other part of the question is moot. 

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