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Re: Best and most popular distros for the enterprise desktop

Jason Hsu said:

Linux Mint is derived from Ubuntu, so I don't know how you can pan Ubuntu but praise Mint.  No distro can be good at everything, but there's no denying the impact of Ubuntu.  It has moved the Overton Window in the Windows-vs.-Linux shift. 


Technically, Linux Mint has variants based off BOTH Ubuntu and Debian, it's user choice.

Plus I use Backtrack on my laptops, it is Ubuntu Based. Backtracks unique spin makes it worth using on a laptop, but Ubuntu's "Uniqueness" annoys the living crap out of me... One of the major gripes I have with Backtrack, 

I've also read that backtrack is moving to KDE4 in the BackTrack 5 release they are working on... This too annoys me.

My point being just because on likes or dislikes a given distro does not mean they like or dislike everything that distor's developers do..

On an alternate point, I don't believe in ubuntu's bug number 1 mentality.

I don't believe all windows users should be converted, if they are to lazy to learn basic administration leave them on windows, don't dilute the linux gene pool.


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