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Re: Command line: How do you keep the output from scrolling out of sight?

Jason Hsu wrote:

> I'm using Debian in a command-line-only installation for running a firewall/server.
> I know that I'm supposed to use the messages I see every time I enter a command for troubleshooting purposes.  But if the output is too long, then the first messages scroll out of sight, and that makes it impossible to properly troubleshoot when I don't know what I'm doing.  Is there a way to get the output to temporarily stop so I can read it all if I wish?

On most terminals:

CTRL-S will stop output

CTRL-Q will restart it

Note that if it runs out of buffer space the process will stop, blocking
on output.

Also, possibly useful, SHIFT-PgUp may scroll back half a page (but it
drops back to the bottom when there's new output)

Other useful things may be to pipe the output through less (which
presents it one page at a time) or tee (which will save it to a file,
and you can look through the file from another termianal while output
continues on the main one). Check out the man pages for those two things
if they seem useful.

If you're not sure about piping things to other things, you need to read
up on how to use the command line. This site seems as good as any, but a
web search will provide many others:


Chris Jackson
Shadowcat Systems Ltd.

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