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Amarok crashing on launch


Amarok is crashing almost immediately that I launch it on an up-to-date testing/ wheezy machine using Gnome as the DE. Yesterday, Amarok worked fine, today it doesn't. I've run amarok --debug at the command line and get literally streams of output, with multi-colored code tags (I think). However, attempting to capture this output via amarok --debug > amarok.txt (or | amarok.txt) doesn't capture anything at all in a text format that I can copy and paste as part of this request for help.

Two questions, then:

(1) how do I capture all of the debugging output from amarok --debug?

(2) any initial thoughts on why Amarok might start to crash today? I updated today and rebooted yesterday, and Amarok was working fine for me yesterday after I booted up. So, it may have been something in today's updates (I only had 7 packages updated, but cannot remember which).



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