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Re: ata2: STST failed (error -5)

On Tue, 29 Mar 2011 13:07:06 -0400, dave boland wrote:

> On Tue, 29 Mar 2011 16:11 +0000, "Camaleón" wrote:

>> Hum... you seem to have many IDE devices attached to that box with
>> almost all channels occupied (1 hdd and 2 DVD/CD units, if I read it
>> correctly...) so Ben's suggestions also makes sense to me (that is,
>> recheck all of your IDE device jumpers position to match your current
>> configuration and to avoid overlapping). You can even leave connected
>> only the DVD unit to load the LiveCD and see how it goes...
> Camaleón,
> I had a look inside the box last week.  There are three ports.  One is
> used by the floppy, the next the hard drive, and one for two CD's.  The
> hard drive jumper is set correctly; 

You have to check the jumper for all of the IDE devices (hard disk should 
be set as "master" and the other two optical units, one as "master" and 
the other as "slave". 

> however, the hard drive is connected to the first connector (of two) on
> the ribbon cable.  I'm told that it really should be connected to the
> last connector and a slave drive would be connected to the center
> connector.  I'll move the connectors as soon as I can (bigger fish to
> fry right now).

As a side note, I avoid using cable-select jumper with CS cables as much 
as I can. Experience tells me that static configurations use to work more 
reliably :-)
> But once again, it needs to be pointed out that Debian 5, and its
> derivatives, have no problem with the hard drives.  So something has
> changed, and not for the good.  My question is what has changed and why?

Maybe something in kernel, I'd say. And is not so uncommon to see those 
types of changes and having to make some bypass for getting through.

>  Additionally, exactly what does this error mean?  At minimum, it would
> be helpful if the error provided more information, or timed out and
> moved on.  I don't think there is a way to look at the log files of a
> failed livecd, so I'm left to guess.

He, he... kernel guys will tell but I agree the error is not very self-
explanatory :-)

> Thanks though for the advice.  I'll give it a try as soon as Ii can.

You're welcome.



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