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Re: [OT] US tax forms with acroread from debian-multimedia

On 2011-03-09, Hugo Vanwoerkom <hvw59601@care2.com> wrote:

> Has anyone filled out US taxforms with a pdf viewer?

I filled them out with evince (buggy on one field of the 1040 form when
saving; you can save the filled-in file and the form still remains
fillable afterwards, which I wasn't able to do with Adobe when I used it
a few years back, but the bugginess was in the fact that it didn't want
to save with the Filing Status "married filing separately", changing it
to "qualified widower" for reasons that remain obscure to me, but OUCH).

Google-Chrome is very light and nice and convenient (google-chrome
<file.pdf>, but I couldn't save the filled-in pdf, even when printing to
file.  It prints well with the evince-filled pdf, though, and I printed
with it, because evince has another bug in which it will not believe you
want to print on A4 paper unless you're working in an A4 paper locale. I
didn't try filling out a form with google-chrome and then printing
directly to my printer to see what that would have produced.  Some of
the forms I use are reusuable from one year to the next, and that's why
I'm interested in pdf saving in which the saved file remains modifiable.

Good luck with IRS in any case.



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