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Re: aptitude stuck "resolving dependencies..."


On Sat, Mar 19, 2011 at 10:04:47AM -0700, Joe Riel wrote:
> This morning I ran
> $ sudo aptitude update
> $ aptitude --simulate safe-upgrade 
> Resolving dependencies...                
> open: 16431; closed: 11272; defer: 105; conflict: 54    
> At this point it kept churning; the number of open dependencies kept
> increasing.  Because of this I haven't run a real upgrade.  
> How do I determine what is happening and whether a real upgrade
> would run normally?

It should not ... but things happen.  That is why we recommend using
apt-get for such upgrade situation.  This was discussed and decioded for
release note.  Please read Release note and follow.  We have reason to
recommend apt-get in such situation unfortunately.

See note under this section too.


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