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Re: Automatically restart OpenVPN session

Kaushal Shriyan:
> I have multiple VPN Configs. is the below setting correct ?
>  iface eth0 inet dhcp
>        openvpn <vpnname1> <vpnname2> <vpnname3>
> iface wlan0 inet dhcp
>        openvpn <vpnname1> <vpnname2> <vpnname3>

I guess that should work, but I haven't tested it and I don't find an
example for this in /usr/share/doc/openvpn/README.Debian.gz. You could
try it and file a wishlist report on openvpn in order to clarify the
correct syntax.

(Ok, I just tried it myself, but by doing that I shut down the network
connection of one of my machines at home. :))

Either way, this will only work if you don't use Network Manager (Gnome
GUI tool for configuring network interfaces) and of course you have to
specify correct interface names in /etc/network/interfaces. "eth0" und
"wlan0" were just used as examples.

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