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Re: Assistance for Visually Impaired Student

Dne, 07. 03. 2011 07:55:33 je Chris Davies napisal(a):
owens@netptc.net wrote:
> P.S.  I am top-posting to emphasize my appreciation.

You also wrote in another article that it's (apparently) easier for
visually impaired readers for people to top-post. Please excuse my
curiosity, but why wouldn't the inclusion of some context to show the
points being discussed be unhelpful for those who are visually impaired?

I can understand that the inclusion of an entire message simply to add
two or three lines of comment at the bottom is unhelpful. It's unhelpful
to visual readers, too, and misses the point of top or bottom posting


Ever tried waiting for a screen reader to read out twenty lines of quoted text before getting to the one line you're interested in?

Now imagine having to do that every day, for every single message in your inbox. At the end of the day, I'd just calmly take a hammer and smash the damn thing to pieces... ;)


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