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Re: Best and most popular distros for the enterprise desktop

On 2011-03-02 09:04:20 Andrew McGlashan wrote:
>Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
>> I do believe a Free Software system should be as easy to use as MS Windows
>> for "Joe Sixpack" and "Jane Boxwine".  This might already be the case; it
>> is really hard for me to judge.  I've been programming since I was 5 and
>> a fan of UNIX and UNIX-like systems since I first used one.
>Out of interest, how old are you now then?

I'm nearing 31, but I mostly still act 25. :P  My first exposure to UNIX-like 
systems wasn't until my early teens, but I didn't really get to dive in until 
I was 18.

It still took me quite a while to move to Linux.  My first adventure into 
Slackware was fun, but I eventually broke things beyond what I could fix and 
re-installed NT Workstation.  We all experiment in college don't we...

Toward the end of 2004, I was emboldened by finding a group of friends that 
had more Linux experience and did a Gentoo install (stage1!) on my already 
aging PII-450.  I never looked back though.  I've not licensed MS Windows 
since then, even for my laptop.  I got a little disenchanted with Gentoo at 
some point; I decided I was spending too much time administrating my system 
and not enough time using it.  (Possibly not Gentoo's fault, but it felt like 
a lot of that time was fighting with emerge / paludis.)  I started Debian with 

My laptop has had a number of installs on it.  I remember an adventure into 
Fedora before it had a two-digit version.  I ran openSUSE to some joy for a 
little over a year.  Ubuntu is what it shipped with.  I still keep coming back 
to Debian, partially for consistency.  What advantages the others have just 
never made up for the lack of familiarity.

Ubuntu is definitely a close second; anything without the interactive resolver 
from aptitude is a lesser OS.  However, I prefer the "It's done when it's 
done" attitude around Debian releases, rather than the time-based releases of 
Ubuntu.  I've familiarized myself enough with APT to be able to get new 
software if stable doesn't meant my needs, but that's not often required 
except for -dev packages for my own projects.

...and evidently I like talking about myself. :(
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