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Re: Amarok crashing on launch

On 01/03/11 23:26, Klistvud wrote:
Dne, 01. 03. 2011 19:07:35 je AG napisal(a):

(2) any initial thoughts on why Amarok might start to crash today? I updated today and rebooted yesterday, and Amarok was working fine for me yesterday after I booted up. So, it may have been something in today's updates (I only had 7 packages updated, but cannot remember which).

The first thing to check is, does it crash in another user account?

I accept that setting up another user account would be a valid test, so my question is due to my own lack of understanding: - I would have thought that an application/ process would call upon the same libraries that are installed at a system-wide level, no matter which user is triggering that app/ process. Can you elaborate a bit more about the relevance of the user account and how setting up a different user just to test applications helps? Or is this to eliminate bugginess in the user account? Again, would this not be picked up by the user as a general trend in her/ his user experience of the system?


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