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Re: adzapper help needed

On 28/03/11 02:14, Paul E Condon wrote:
> I've used adzapper long ago, but stopped using it long ago,
> and forgotten why I stopped. Now I want to use it again
> on a computer running Wheezy, but I can't find information
> on how to configure my browser. The Debian documentation
> seems to have been simplified with some info left out. But
> maybe my memory fails me ...
> My recollection is that in addition to configuring adzapper,
> one must also configure ones browser to use it. I think I
> need to know the IP address and port number that is providing
> the adzapper service. Of course I know the IP address. But
> what is the default port number used by adzapper. Googling
> gives the answer 8080 but that doesn't work, and I recall
> that the old instructions had some information on how to
> change from the default to this value. But I can't find any
> information about port number, neither what is the default,
> nor how to change it. Where is this now? -- in either
> Wheezy or Squeeze?

Yes (and Lenny)

adzapper is in the main debian repositories:-
#apt-get adzapper
Note: I believe it requires squid

I'd recommend using adblock-plus instead - you can either install it as
an add-on/extension for Iceweasel/Firefox or from Debian:-
#apt-get xul-ext-adblock-plus

Note: adblock-plus requires only that you use Konqueror or Iceweasel,
and that you select a filter source from a drop-down list (that appears
in the web page which will load the first time you start your browser
after installing).


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