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Re: checkrestart + out-of-date kernel

On Wed, Mar 02, 2011 at 04:08:15PM +0000, Steven Ayre wrote:
> I just upgraded the linux kernel package on a Lenny server and then
> ran checkrestart. It reported a few services that needed restarting
> because the openssl package had also been updated, but it didn't say
> anything about the fact that I was running an earlier kernel than the
> one installed.
> Are there any scripts that can detect that a reboot is needed for a
> kernel update? (Or perhaps a reboot wasn't needed in this case?)

I believe that current kernel packages (I'm running sid, so I don't know
if this has made it through to Lenny or not) touch a file
'/var/run/reboot-required'. Various utilities (byobu, update-notifier and
so on) monitor or the presence of this file and, if it exists, display a
notification to the user.

It should be a simple enough task to execute [ -f
/var/run/reboot-required ] in some sort of script.

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