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Re: [OT] compiled kernels do not boot

Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:

I have tried 3 self-compiled kernels and they do not boot. They compile w/o errors.

They are compiled with 'make-kpkg --revision 1 --append-to-version -ck2 --initrd kernel_image'. This is with an uptodate Sid.

I have looked at the initrd files with cpio and I see nothing wrong: the 'init' file is there as it should be, etc. But what to look for?

I use legacy-grub and that just sits there with 'boot' as the last command, forever.

Does anybody have any suggestions as to what to try next?

I have used make-kpkg many times, but not in the last 5 months, and this has never happened to me.

The mistake I made is to leave 'vga=791 quiet' on the kernel line of grub. So nothing shows up. But when I got rid of that the kernel boots OK but doesn't get too far. Still trying to figure out why not.

Thanks for all the responses. And there is nothing wrong with kernel-package in Sid ;-)


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