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Re: aptitude over-zealous on removals?

On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 07:28 -0500, Charles Blair wrote:
>    I decided I wanted to remove the package cwebx, which is a
> system for documenting C programs.  When I put a minus sign
> next to that package, I was told that aptitude wanted to then
> remove a whole bunch of other stuff, including gcc.  I definitely
> did NOT want that to happen and exited from aptitude immediately.

It has already been pointed out that you want to mark gcc as automatically
installed. Just wanted to note that you should consider installing the
"build-essential" package which depends on a couple of packages you might also
want to keep.

$ apt-cache depends build-essential

 |Depends: libc6-dev
  Depends: <libc-dev>
  Depends: gcc
  Depends: g++
  Depends: make
  Depends: dpkg-dev
>    How do I get aptitude to cancel that request from future
> sessions?

That would be "aptitude keep-all", see the description in the manpage:

     Cancels all scheduled actions on all packages; any packages whose sticky
     state indicates an installation, removal, or upgrade will have this
     sticky state cleared.

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