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Re: aptitude over-zealous on removals?

On 22 March 2011 12:28, Charles Blair <c-blair@illinois.edu> wrote:
>   I decided I wanted to remove the package cwebx, which is a
> system for documenting C programs.  When I put a minus sign
> next to that package, I was told that aptitude wanted to then
> remove a whole bunch of other stuff, including gcc.  I definitely
> did NOT want that to happen and exited from aptitude immediately.
>   How do I get aptitude to cancel that request from future
> sessions?

It looks to me (http://packages.debian.org/squeeze/cwebx) that perhaps
the only reason gcc is /on/ your machine is due to aptitude pulling it
down when you installed cwebx. Hence it knows that, as it satisfied
the dependency (well, recommendation) initially, it should be fine to
remove it now.

Just tell aptitude you explicitly /want/ gcc and you should be good to
remove cwebx. I'd be interested to see if "aptitude install gcc  ;
aptitude remove cwebx" achieves this directly - do let the list know

Jonathan Matthews
London, UK

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