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Re: Another mouse issue+Xorg after upgrade

On Lu, 28 mar 11, 18:15:04, ZephyrQ wrote:
> The current workaround (and how I'm able to send this now) was to
> erase/move the old xorg.conf and run nvidia-xconfig. 

Are you doing this
1. erase xorg.conf
2. run nvidia-xconfig
3. reboot

or this
1. erase xorg.conf
2. reboot
3. run nvidia-xconfig

The reason I'm asking is that without an xorg.conf nouveau would be used 
(assuming it is installed and everything else is ok). You also told us 
nothing about the method used to install nvidia. This also makes a big 
difference because the Debian packages will disable nouveau.

In any case, please attach the full /var/log/Xorg.0.log from a 
successful boot and an unsuccessful one.

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