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Re: aptitude over-zealous on removals?

On 22/03/11 23:56, Jonathan Matthews wrote:
> On 22 March 2011 12:28, Charles Blair <c-blair@illinois.edu> wrote:
>>   I decided I wanted to remove the package cwebx, which is a
>> system for documenting C programs.  When I put a minus sign
>> next to that package, I was told that aptitude wanted to then
>> remove a whole bunch of other stuff, including gcc.  I definitely
>> did NOT want that to happen and exited from aptitude immediately.
>>   How do I get aptitude to cancel that request from future
>> sessions?
> It looks to me (http://packages.debian.org/squeeze/cwebx) that perhaps
> the only reason gcc is /on/ your machine is due to aptitude pulling it
> down when you installed cwebx. Hence it knows that, as it satisfied
> the dependency (well, recommendation) initially, it should be fine to
> remove it now.
> Just tell aptitude you explicitly /want/ gcc and you should be good to
> remove cwebx. I'd be interested to see if "aptitude install gcc  ;
> aptitude remove cwebx" achieves this directly - do let the list know
> ...
> Jonathan

You can try using -R (ignore recommended)

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