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Re: apt-cache regex question

On Sun, 13 Mar 2011 19:22:38 +0200, Πρεκατές Αλέξανδρος wrote:

> apt-cache --names-only  search  '^a'  except from packages name started
> with 'a' (intented)  will also  give packages that they have a source
> file whos name starts with 'a'. is that an error?


Hum... from man "apt-cache" page:

search regex [ regex ... ]
search performs a full text search on all available package lists for
the POSIX regex pattern given, see regex(7). *It searches the package
names and the descriptions for an occurrence of the regular expression*

(bolded text is mine)

So, no, I think you are getting the documented behaviour ;-)



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