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Re: Amarok crashing on launch

Dne, 03. 03. 2011 21:06:07 je AG napisal(a):
On 01/03/11 23:26, Klistvud wrote:
The first thing to check is, does it crash in another user account?

I accept that setting up another user account would be a valid test, so my question is due to my own lack of understanding: - I would have thought that an application/ process would call upon the same libraries that are installed at a system-wide level, no matter which user is triggering that app/ process. Can you elaborate a bit more about the relevance of the user account and how setting up a different user just to test applications helps? Or is this to eliminate bugginess in the user account? Again, would this not be picked up by the user as a general trend in her/ his user experience of the system?

Applications usually honor a set of common/default settings (stored in, say /etc/default/myapp), and a set of per-user settings (stored in, say, ~/.myapp). There are a million ways you can bork an application's user settings without necessarily borking "the libraries" or the application as such. For example, you could select the wrong output device in your Amarok user settings, causing Amarok to crash on launch. Another user, with the right output device configured, may run Amarok without a glitch. To make a long story short: yes, setting up a different user just to test applications helps. Of course, it could be argued that deleting or renaming ~/.myapp would suffice. However, modern GUI applications tend to scatter their config files all over your ~/ haystack, so that finding the offending configuration file may take a bit of effort.


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