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Re: Best and most popular distros for the enterprise desktop

The problem with Ubuntu is it's the half-baked answer to a question that nobody was asking in the first place...

The BIG Complaint: because Debian supports Sooooo many hardware platforms their release cycles are too slow. 

So they come up with the system of releasing LTS's about every two years, and then leaving them to security updates, (sound familiar anyone?)

And then they will release a derivative of Debian Testing as Stable every six months, but being so overly concerned with release dates and sticking to the "release date" they release the OS buggy and half-baked, but it's not Debian Testing, no it's Stable, cuz we say it is... Right?

Then finding their purpose completely null and void they go to changing random things for no real reason because "we're not just a half-baked re-release of Debian, were different" but really different in bad ways...

Finally what bothers me so much about Ubuntu is they try so hard to compete for the non-technical user crowed by using classic psudo-marketing tactics, Like we'll get celebrities to tell everybody why Ubuntu is the best... Like WTF does Lars from Metallica know about Linux to go around in places like Wired magazine saying Ubuntu is the bestest most best OS in the whole wide world... Sickens me..

The fact is any N00b would be better starting off with Mint, it's stable, quick with media centric desktop users needs, and the user would be learning linux the RIGHT way, not the we're gonna change this or that from the method every linux os uses, to our own special way because we're Ubuntu and we know what's best for you.

Sounds a bit like Microsoft to me...

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