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Autodetect proxy not working in Iceweasel

Hi all!

I just installed Squid on a host of my house with Debian Squeeze. Then I
added in my DHCP server the following configuration options:

option wpad code 252 = text;
option wpad "http://wpad.freesoftware/proxy.pac\n";;

I also created a hard link to the file proxy.pac. The name of the hard
link is wpad.dat. wpad.freesoftware has an entry in my DNS server and
both files are accessible from the local network.

I was testing from Debian Lenny using Konqueror 3.5.9 and in Settings ->
Configure Konqueror -> Proxy category, I selected the option to
automatically detect proxy settings. After that, according to the Squid
logs, Konqueror passes through the proxy.

In Iceweasel 3.0.6 I tried to do the same by going to Edit -> Preference
-> Advanced -> Network -> Settings -> Auto-Detect proxy settings for
this network, but It doesn't work. In fact, I'm not seeing in the Apache
logs any GET to wpad.dat or proxy.pac files from Iceweasel.

I'll be missing some other configuration to the DHCP server or Apache VH 
to serve this files to Iceweasel?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

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