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Re: [SOLVED] mpd blocks all other sound output EBUSY

On Ma, 22 mar 11, 17:47:27, Brian Ryans wrote:
> I was about to write a long email, complete with some logs and config
> files, and postpone it to remind me to STFW for more info on an mpd
> issue I was having.
> While bundling everything up, I decided to try, on a lark, commenting
> out someting marked 'optional' in mpd.conf, under the assumption that
> using said option would force it straight to hardware as opposed to
> going through dmix.
> This was caused, in my case, by blindly uncommenting the "device" entry
> in the audio_output block of mpd.conf; it'd look something like this:
> audio_output {
>        # snip
>        device                  "hw:0,0"     # optional
>        # snip
> }

As far as I understand, dmix operates at 48kHz only (due to some old 
buggy chipsets?). Since most audio content is 44,1 kHz, mpd will now 
resample everything to 48kHz using libsamplerate, which should give 
better quality than the alsa resampler. This, however will cost you some 
CPU cycles. Depending on your hardware it may matter or not...

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