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Re: ata2: STST failed (error -5)

Oops!  The error should be "ata2: SRST failed (error -5) and (error -16)

On Sun, 20 Mar 2011 21:19 -0400, "dave boland" <dboland9@fastmail.fm>
> Debian User,
> I have been trying out the new Debian live cd (as well as Mepis 11,
> Ubuntu 10, and Mint 10 -- all Debian derivatives) and all are now giving
> me this error. The computer does not have a second hard drive, and when
> it boots the BIOS looks for a slave, finds none, and moves on.  This
> error was not a problem with Debian 5 or or any distribution based on
> it.  My question is what is going on, and why?
> Ben (Debian Live) has suggested it may be a jumper problem.  Just for
> kicks, I booted to the Mepis 8.5 cd (running on as I type) that was
> released one year ago, and there was no disk problem.  Which makes me
> think that something has changed in Debian or the kernel. I would
> appreciate any help/advice.
> To help do the diagnosis, I have attached some system information.
> Dave,
  dave boland

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