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"Standard" installation - problem with definition and/or interpretation.

<quote> You will do a standard installation, that is, you will install only 
the minimum environment. </quote>

I have been given this instruction and am having problems interpretting it, 
since  The Debian site says (a propos of Sarge, but the course material was 
written some years ago):

<quote> In a default Debian 3.1 standard installation you will end up with 
OpenSSH, Exim (depending on how you configured it) and the RPC portmapper 
available as network services[4]. If you did not go through a standard 
installation but selected an expert installation you can end up with no 
active network services. </quote>
section 3.6

So the Debian site distinguishes between "standard" and "expert".  But our 
instructions continue:

<quote> When you start the installation from the selected media, choose the 
expert mode and follow the steps until the end of the process. </quote>

In other words, standard and expert are the same thing.  Help!!!


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