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Re: Assistance for Visually Impaired Student

Am 06. Mar, 2011 schwätzte owens@netptc.net so:

moin moin,

we recently had a presentation on GNU/Linux Accessibility for the Blind
for PLUG.

The demonstrations of EmacSpeak, Speakup and Orca were great for those of
us with no experience. Speakup is now in the main kernel, so easier to


Steve will be repeating his presentation at ABLEconf in about a month if
Phoenix is convenient for you.

You might suggest to your student to join the blinux-list.


BTW, I'm top-posting because I'm told that's much easier for the blind.




I teach a course in Digital Integrated Circuits at the local University.  One of my students is visually impaired-not totally blind but he requires a powerful reader for documents and the equilivant of a telescope to see the overhead projection of my course slides.  He has expressed interest in Linux but, quite understandably, would require some software assistance to view documents and circuit schematics, potentially enlarging them at specific areas.  I run Debian Lenny on my home system and Dual Boot with Ubuntu on my University laptop.  Can anyone point to some specific software that I might have him try.  TIA


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