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[no subject] /lib/ eats my memory A 2.6.12 .deb? 2.6.12 debian powerpc kernels and ppc64 ... 404 not found Re: Speed tips for 2001 iBook anyone? [2.6.12-rc4] gnome-volume-manager is broken? [iBook G4 - 2.6.12] Ooooooops after resuming from sleep [patch] adbmouse && synaptics Re: [PATCH] apm-emu displays time till battery is fully charged [shorty: Re: 2.6.12 debian powerpc kernels and ppc64 ...] acroread+qemu Advice on new laptop airport base stations ALSA with gstreamer Any software just for 15$ - 99$ ATI Radeon 9200 for MAC Re: Re: Backspace key -- ADB keyboard beagle on ppc Better sex! Better relationship! bootcdwrite (ppc supported?) Booting on an Adaptec 2940 SCSI -- OldWorld Re: Bug#316262: apt: Local repository and Release.gpg Bug#320471: man-db 2.4.3-1 truncating man pages? cdrecord-ProDVD Re: cdrecord-ProDVD OR growisofs Change of contact info Re: Choosing filesystems for exchanging data among operating system Choosing filesystems for exchanging data among operating system (was: Re: Fs) Re: compliation errors under heavy load Debian 3.1 LinuxTag 2005 on PowerBook G4 (Superdrive)? Debian as only OS on a PowerBook G3 Debian-edu powerpc CD'image Device "/dev/dsp" does not exist Re: display problems, sleep and freeze on PB5,6 2.6.12-rc6 DMA disabled after lost interrupt (on ibook) DMA problems emulate three-button mouse(macintosh) error by booting kernel 2.6.11 Every night becomes unforgettable event in your life owing to this new means for treatment ED! Excellent everyday low prices on brand name and generic drugs Explanations. External monitor,ATI 9600 Fast, worldwide service using registered doctors and pharmacies Few problems with PowerBook(5,7) Finally xorg! Re: First time User Re: Fn key and 2.6.12-rc4 Re: Fs G3 iBook still hanging when coming out of sleep. Get software cds and download under $15-$99 gui on 1 gig 7500? is it possible *newbie question* Have you been seeking fun?. Get a fuck buddy here...gherkin Hibernating Powerbook5,6 How to map an insert key? Howto Improve Performance? Ibook on debian Re: iMac 350Mhz & ATI =Problems iMac 353Mhz & ATI =Problems Re: ivtv driver on PowerPC Re: Java and Azureus kernel 2.6.12 debs? kernel install problems on ibook 2.2 with sarge keycode kernel keymap-install mac mini /sys stats MacOnLinux and Network Configuration Millions of people do it daily to save their privacy and money Mixer, Keyboard, and OpenGL issues with iMac DV mounting mac partitions in linux New iBook Re: New Powerbook configuration Oldworld-Mac:Howto copy the kernel to an hfs partition during istallation? Only our software is guaranteed 100% legal. oops on resume from suspend to disk Orinoco WPA/WPA2 ready on Linux, or just WEP? pashful pbbutons and keyboard lights PBButtonsd Beta Version 0.7.0beta2 released - major bugfix pbbuttonsd can't save changes Personalising technology solutions. Re: PISMO G4 UPGRADE - Does it make sense with linux? Playing DVD on 1.2G ibook Re: Re: PMSET was "Automatic power-on" or "pmacpow--would a .deb beworthwhile?" Re: Porting iScroll2's tricks ? Re: Porting ppc Linux to Xbox 360? Power management issue on G3 iBook Powerbook 2005 bluetooth Powerbook5,6 German keyboard Re: ppc64 kernel? Re: Problems installing Debian Sarge on PReP PPC, (Motorola PReP Utah PowerStack II Pro4000) problems on a 7500/100 powerpc random hard resets Repositories Re: RS/6000 7020 F50 System with sarge RS6000 / 43P Install Failing Re: Sarge / OldWorld / Boot X Sarge on Powerbook - Adjust brightness/contrast sid toolchain broken? Software distribution. Solved! [was: xmodmap: ctrl-alt-f1 does not switch to console any more after upgrade] Speed tips for 2001 iBook anyone? Re: Status Re: Still Deadlock problem with pbbuttonsd 0.6.10? subscribe Suspend to ram problem with pbbuttonsd Take the office with you where ever you go... Re: therm_adt746x Turning off and hard lockup on older G3 iBook Re: TV-out with Mac Mini Unable to boot OSX Unidentified subject! Re: unsupported apple hardware and darwin updates to hfsplus partition unavailable until remount Webcam USB Philips where to download BootX Re: wlan sniffer under ppc X keymap for Powerbook5,6 problem X.Org on the Mac Mini xmodmap: ctrl-alt-f1 does not switch to console any more after upgrade Re: yaboot install g5 Your Discount prescriptions resource online. The last update was on 13:50 GMT Sun Nov 19. There are 413 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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