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Re: PISMO G4 UPGRADE - Does it make sense with linux?

On Jul 01 2005, Rainer Gutkas wrote:
> Thanks a lot Ben, this is a big point. Do you know if Gnome also would 
> profit from altivec, because the Gnome display is what is really slowing 
> things down

I sincerely don't know if gnome would benefit from altivec and I would
guess that it doesn't.

Gnome and other desktop environments have been accumulating fat over the
years and it seems that some guys at Novell have decided some months ago to
focus their attention on limiting the memory necessary for such programs.

This is especially important for those who cannot for one reason or
another, have huge libraries due to restrictions of RAM size, which, I
would think, would be the first thing to impact a laptop with a slow
harddisk (where swap is done).

Let's hope that they take that task seriously.

Hope this helps, Rogério.

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