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Re: Fn key and 2.6.12-rc4

Le jeudi 28 juillet 2005 à 13:06 +0200, Johannes Berg a écrit :
> On Thu, 2005-07-28 at 12:56 +0200, Stelian Pop wrote:
> > Anyway, the attached patch below replaces the Johannes' one. Note that I
> > don't use the Fn key myself yet, so testing has been limited to looking
> > at evtest and xev output...
> Looks like you're doing it differently, but looks good.

I have to do it this way because the keyboard does report the modifier
state events itself on each key event. That was causing a "right
control" release event on each and every key press, so I had to disable
the right control specific event.

The Fn report could have been left where you put it, but I believe it's
best to put it in the same function where we disable the previous one.
Besides, this spares an if test on each event, since now it is done only
once when the hid device get initialized.

> > Should I push this in the mainstream kernel ?
> I'm not sure if we really should be using RIGHT_CTRL. The key is on the
> left, so... Maybe discuss the right key with Vojtech Pavlik first? Maybe
> there's one that's better suited but not used?

The problem is that it has to be a modifier key, or you'll have trouble
using it in X. And all the left modifiers are already used (shift, ctrl,
alt and meta), only two right modifiers are available: right control or
right alt.

But anyway, it will go through Vojtech of course, so he'll have the
opportunity to suggest something better...

Stelian Pop <stelian@popies.net>

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