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Re: Fn key and 2.6.12-rc4

Stelian Pop wrote:
>>I'm not sure if we really should be using RIGHT_CTRL. The key is on the
>>left, so... Maybe discuss the right key with Vojtech Pavlik first? Maybe
>>there's one that's better suited but not used?
> The problem is that it has to be a modifier key, or you'll have trouble
> using it in X. And all the left modifiers are already used (shift, ctrl,
> alt and meta), only two right modifiers are available: right control or
> right alt.
> But anyway, it will go through Vojtech of course, so he'll have the
> opportunity to suggest something better...
> Stelian.
Couldnt it be used as "super" ? I dont have my previous laptop here (it
was a pc, an acer tm800), but i think the Fn key wasnt recognized as a
modifier key.


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