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[patch] adbmouse && synaptics

i've written a little patch to have synaptics xfree/xorg driver running
with adb touchpads.

It's working on my ibook2.2, please let me know if it work also for you.

The patch is for 2.6.12-rc4, but should apply to any recent kernel.

You have to set CONFIG_ADB_TRACKPAD_ABSOLUTE=y and then recompile;
then pick latest synaptics xfree/xorg driver (now it's 0.14.3)
build and install it.

Before reboot be sure to set dev_ADB = "/dev/null" in

Here you can find an example of configuration for X, i suppose that
you'll have to play a lot with synclient to fine-tune touchpad options.
There are two mouses so you can still use emumousebuttons with keyboard.


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