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Re: Fn key and 2.6.12-rc4

Stelian Pop wrote:
> Le mardi 05 juillet 2005 à 16:25 +0200, Johannes Berg a écrit :
>>Jochen Voss wrote:
>>>My only idea is to take the 2.6.12-rc kernels one by one, to find out
>>>in which one it breaks and then to look at the corresponding patch.
>>>Maybe something suspicious can be spotted there.  I guess this whole
>>>procedure would take me about one day, so I did not yet find time to
>>>do this.
> I had a few hours to spend and I made it work again.
> Now, I didn't look at the previous (working) code so I don't know
> exactly what change broke it. In fact, looking at the logic I don't
> understand how this could have been working before (unless the logic
> itself changed...).
> Anyway, the attached patch below replaces the Johannes' one. Note that I
> don't use the Fn key myself yet, so testing has been limited to looking
> at evtest and xev output...
> Should I push this in the mainstream kernel ?
> Stelian.

I've tested it, it seems that xev is outputing a correct behavior, but,
my current keymap doesnt make use of Fn key. It's a french keymap for
apple keyboards. I dont know how to fix it, but I may have a look in the
next days.


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