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Re: Ibook on debian

On Tue, Jul 26, 2005 at 05:39:37PM +0200, Arne Caspari wrote:
> >Did you file bug reports after solving the issues? (I don't see any
> >listed from this email-account, though).
> >
> I do not think it is usefull to file bug reports to get the iBook-sleep 
> patches work reliably or to solve dependency problems when installing 
> packages from unstable and testing branches to get the latest GNOME to 
> work.

Well, how are things to be improved if no proper bugs are filed?
Bug-filing is very important, and if accompanied by a patch, then its
premium. Some maintainers do not respond, yes, but many are happy to
solve the issue, and other users will benefit from this as well.

> Also I do not think it is required to file bug reports when a single 
> switch of the distribution solves 90% of all bugs.

And if you encounter bugs in Ubuntu, you are going to switch to the
next distro? I don't mind you finding the distro which serves you
best, but IMHO returning proper bug reports, with patches if possible,
is the least people can do as a return for such a great free



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