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Re: random hard resets

Paul Brossier <piem@altern.org> writes:

>> since 2 or 3 weeks ago, my laptop has just switch-off 3 or 4 times. i
>> haven't detected a pattern, except that i was always on AC power (and
>> most probably using emacs, since i spent most of my time in there).
>> and suddenly, poof, the laptop switches off, like it does when you
>> hold down the power button. upon rebooting, nothing seems wrong,
>> *except* that the clock has been reset to Jan 1st 1904 (sic)!!!
>> i have no clue what's causing this behaviour, or wether it's a hw or
>> sw problem: has anybody suffered from something similar?
> this happens to me when the battery is removed from the laptop for 30
> seconds or so. i would first suspect your battery is dying. does it seem
> to charge fine? what does syslog says?

yeah, the battery seems to be working without problems. as a matter of
fact, it's almost new: the original one was replaced a month or two
ago, since it was one of those under spontaneous ignition danger. i
can't see anything out of order in syslog: the last activity before
the more recent hang-up is leafnode's fetchnews and texpire, which
seems to be working fine too.

btw, i almost never switch the laptop off, so i'd say this has always
happened after many sleep/awake cycles (not that i think that's the
problem, specially because the problem has never appeared just after
sleep or awake, but...)

thanks for your help,
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