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updates to hfsplus partition unavailable until remount

I mount the hfsplus volumes used by MOL (Mac-On-Linux) read-only in
linux so I can conveniently copy things from Mac to linux. When I make
a change in MOL, however, the changed file will not appear on the
linux side until I umount and mount the hfsplus volume, and even then
it only reliably happens when MOL is not running.

Is there any way to refresh the view of an hfsplus partition from the
linux side, especially without exiting MOL? I've had people suggest
mounting a network drive, but under OS 9 I think that probably means
installing netatalk and I'd rather not have that running on my desktop
system if I can help it.

Here's a line from my fstab -- is there a mount option that would tell
the system to refresh occasionally?
/dev/hda9       /mac/os9        hfsplus defaults,user,ro        0       0

I am running Ubuntu Hoary PPC on a 1998 Powerbook G3 Series. (Ubuntu
standard kernel 2.6.10-7) I am also running MOL (0.9.70-16ubuntu1).
Under MOL I'm running Mac OS 9.2.2.

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