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Re: New iBook

On Tue, Jul 26, 2005 at 12:23:36PM +0200, Marco Guidetti wrote:
> heya folks, 

Hi Marco

> ok i managed to disable the journaling.


> now i have downloaded the debian-31r0a-powerpc-netinst.iso and i am
> about to burn it.


> then, i will boot from the cd, and when the debian installer starts, i
> will switch to a new tty (i wonder, how? shall i use ctrl-alt-fN?) and
> i use parted to resize the hfs partition on /dev/hda.
> ( i guess i will know which one is the one to resize having a look
> with mac-fdisk -l /dev/hda ? )
> (is all of the above right?)

seems right.

> i read from the parted docs that the resize command's sintax is something like:
> resize minornumber start end

Yup, I can't remember how was syntax... but was easy and this seems

> now i wonder, 
> since the partition already exists, and i know (i read somewhere) that
> the debian partition must be the first on the disk), i will only
> change the START point of the partition so to make place "before" the
> apple partition?

why must be the first? I guess mine was last partition...

> and if yes, the old hfs partition will start off at the point where
> the new debian partition ends? will parted move all my datas there?

My resize was only do smaller the last one...

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