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Re: Speed tips for 2001 iBook anyone?

> If that doesn't help you, try another desktop env (GUI).   Both Gnome 
> and KDE, which are standard on most Linux distributions are heavily 
> developed -- and as a result there is considerable bloat. 
> IceWM, Fluxbox, Afterstep (google these) and a few others are said to be 
> lighter and speeder GUIs, but don't expect all the bells and whistles 
> you find in Gnome, or Aqua.

Fluxbox & Afterstep are merely windows managers, IceWM has a bit more but is
still mainly a window manager. Xfce4 is a light desktop environment that is
considered a good compromise between low hardware requirements and ease of
use. It comes with the basic elements you'd expect from a desktop
>From my experience GNOME (KDE similarly) requires ~100MB without
applications started and thus is usable only from 256MB on, with 128MB I got
a lot of swaping slowing the system down.


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