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Re: Sarge / OldWorld / Boot X

On Mon, 2005-06-27 at 09:47, Dimitri Apostola wrote:
> I was wondering -- the Installation Manual for using OldWorld Macs and
> hard drive booting says to use the Woody installation files, and those
> seem to work alright, but the directory structure on the FTP has
> naturally changed between Woody and Sarge, and so the files that one
> would use for this process (a linux.bin among others) don't seem to
> exist anymore.
> So I guess I was wondering if I was looking in the wrong place, or if
> there was a similar process that could be done using Boot X, but using
> sarge and a 2.6 kernel?
> Thanks!

BootX works great with sarge and a 2.6 kernel.


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