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Re: updates to hfsplus partition unavailable until remount

On Thu, Jul 14, 2005 at 05:19:07PM -0500, Tommy Trussell wrote:
> I mount the hfsplus volumes used by MOL (Mac-On-Linux) read-only in
> linux so I can conveniently copy things from Mac to linux. When I make
> a change in MOL, however, the changed file will not appear on the
> linux side until I umount and mount the hfsplus volume, and even then
> it only reliably happens when MOL is not running.
> Is there any way to refresh the view of an hfsplus partition from the
> linux side, especially without exiting MOL? I've had people suggest
> mounting a network drive, but under OS 9 I think that probably means
> installing netatalk and I'd rather not have that running on my desktop
> system if I can help it.
> Here's a line from my fstab -- is there a mount option that would tell
> the system to refresh occasionally?
> /dev/hda9       /mac/os9        hfsplus defaults,user,ro        0       0

Don't do this. Both MOL and Linux are reading the blocks from disk and
keeping them at least partially in memory with this setup. Since there
isn't (and likely will never be) any direct communication between the
two in terms of this drive, they will each think they have control of
the drive, and it's hard to say exactly when each one will really read
or write the disk. The only safe way to share information on a real
media (as opposed to a network filesystem of some sort) would be to
make sure that only one of them has the volume mounted at any given
time, but the MacOS has generally not made that sort of thing easy
on what it considers a fixed, internal device.

I would really suggest moving to a network filesystem of some sort.

	Brad Boyer

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