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Re: Webcam USB Philips

Sven Luther wrote:
> Works fine, you need the pwc module, which builds fine for the pre-built
> 2.6.11-powerpc kernels, thanks to the module support implemented in it (you
> just need to set KSRC=/lib/modules/2.6.11-powerpc). There are even official
> packages, but they are in NEW maybe.

Well, i've built a vanilla kernel, with the included pwc module.

> 2.6.12 should have modules for it thouggh, but i didn't test them yet with the
> usb webcam, the external free one used above is ok though.

Cant manage it to work. Well, the webcam is recognized, the module loads
 fine, but the only image i get is a uniform grey image... Dont
understand why :/


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