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X keymap for Powerbook5,6 problem


This is mainly a question for Jochen Voss about your X keymap for the
Powerbook 5,6, but I figure someone else might have experienced the same
things I am.

First off the system info:

UK Powerbook 5,6
Kernel 2.6.12 (gentoo) + fn key patch + all patches for Powerbook 5,6
XOrg 6.8.2-r1
Enlightenment e17

When I apply the X keymapping using 'xkbcomp gb.xkb :0' I find that
alt+any arrow key does the 'named' keys (home, end, page up, page down)
but fn+any arrow key doesn't.  Is this what is expected?  Do you think
this is something to do with the combination of stuff I have running?


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