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Re: Fn key and 2.6.12-rc4

Le jeudi 28 juillet 2005 à 14:30 +0200, Yves-Alexis Perez a écrit :

> > The problem is that it has to be a modifier key, or you'll have trouble
> > using it in X. And all the left modifiers are already used (shift, ctrl,
> > alt and meta), only two right modifiers are available: right control or
> > right alt.

> Couldnt it be used as "super" ? I dont have my previous laptop here (it
> was a pc, an acer tm800), but i think the Fn key wasnt recognized as a
> modifier key.

You can map the 'CtrlR' linux keycode to the 'SuperL' X keycode, and I
believe it will work. But if you map the Fn key directly to some 'Menu'
or 'CycleWindows' key (superl doesn't exist for the kernel driver) you
will end up with the keycode being send to X, but X will not treat it
like a modifier.

The X keyboard driver really sucks and has hardcoded values for the
modifier keys, read for example the code at :

Maybe this can be made to work using some clever xkb hack, I don't know.
I just find it much more easy to use an already known modifier key,
which happens to be free, not in use by any physical key on the

Stelian Pop <stelian@popies.net>

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